Can a Boudoir Session Really Change Your Life?

Hey Lovely. You are beautiful just as you are & a boudoir session is a great way to remind yourself of that.

My studio offers a personalized experience for women of all sizes, personalities, races, etc. to freely express and rediscover themselves through a one-on-one boudoir session. You deserve a day off to spoil yourself, so go ahead and enjoy a day of relaxation and pampering at our private session.

  • Numbers do NOT define you.
  • Boudoir is for EVERY type of woman.
  • You do NOT need to have any experience.

Luxury Boudoir Experience For Every Woman

This won't be just another boring photo session. Not on my watch! Check these videos to better understand the process.

This Can Be You

The garnet "Beverly" dress with Swarovski buttons is from the famous Boudoir by D'Lish collection. The regular cost is $400.

This dressing gown embodies pure extravagance with dramatic sleeves and fitted cuffs for a classic boudoir feel reminiscent of Hollywood's golden era. The skirt is extremely full, and the three large Swarovski buttons on each cuff perfectly enhance the luxuriousness of the fabric.

Now it is available for all of our clients FOR FREE! Just book the session and enjoy the iconic outfit from a luxury boutique. Your photos are going to be mind-blowing!

Before & After

Love Notes
Hear it from the lovely ladies themselves!

    What You Should Expect

    Our Free Consultation
    Our clients are unique so we plan your boudoir experience around your needs. I would love to hear more about you and the woman you are now and the woman you want to be or see after our session. Fill the form on this website to book obligation-free consultation.
    Schedule The Session
    After our initial convo, we will set a date and time for your boudoir experience. Please keep in mind, that usually I'm booked 3 weeks in advance.
    Session Preparation
    After our date is confirmed and scheduled I will send you our preparation guide that will assist you on how to plan, what to bring, and even where to shop.
    Your Session Day
    Your session day consists of four parts:

    1.Hair & Makeup - 90 Minutes.
    2.Photo Session - 90 Minutes.
    3.Lunch break while I prepare your stunning images for you to see - 60 Minutes. Our studio is conveniently located with plenty of nearby restaurants and cafés.
    4.Your in person image reveal - 90 Minutes.

        Meet Your Boudoir Photographer

        Hey! My name is Olga Roskina. I'm the boudoir photographer and my mission is to empower women and encourage them to celebrate their bodies and love themselves.

        I know how hard it is to accept your body. Growing up, I was surrounded by this common public opinion about the "beauty standards". It was very frustrating because I never quite felt like I was enough.

        Fortunately, I was able to overcome this and fully accept who I am. Primarily, thanks to my therapy and a personal boudoir photo session that I did for myself. It was a transformational experience. I finally felt free and absolutely confident.

        And I want you to feel the same way too! Yes, body acceptance is a long way, but a boudoir photo session is a big step forward. Be ready to express yourselves, release your inhibitions, and celebrate who you're today! Remember, you're enough! Let's find a way to show this to the whole world!

        Design Your Boudoir Experience

        It's time to stop worrying about everyone else and take some time that is all about you.
        Let's plan something just for you
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